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About Hummingbird Hill Playgarden
   Jane McCoy – director and lead teacher at Playgarden.

Raised in Nyack, New York, I knew from the time I was in third grade that I would be a teacher. Short of fleeting moments where I thought I might become a gymnast or rock star, I never wavered from this path. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education from a small college in N.H., and with a suitcase in hand, I headed west to San Diego. Fourteen happy years were spent in San Diego. For ten years I taught kindergarten and first grade in two public schools and received a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design and Instruction. During this time I was blessed with principals and wonderful colleagues who guided and encouraged me to follow my passion for Waldorf education. In the summer of 1999, I attended the Kindergarten section of the Waldorf Methods in the Public School training at the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento and my life was forever changed. For eight years I worked as a class teacher in two Waldorf-methods public schools and continued my Waldorf training. After 18 years working in public education a new blessing was bestowed upon me when, in the summer of 2004, I had a baby boy and became a full-time mother.

About Hummingbird Hill Playgarden Hikes

With the love and support of my husband Todd, I began Playgarden in the fall of 2006 with the idea of offering a warm, nurturing and homelike environment for the young child; one where the child’s natural curiosity and  fundamental need to move was supported and nurtured.
About Hummingbird Hill Playgarden
Guided by Rudolf Steiner’s insights on child development, it was clear that a practice based upon the fundamental need for relationship-based care (bonding and continuity), neurological research, recognition of living arts (domestic, nurturing, creative and social arts), and a deep connection to the natural world around  was central to the program.
About Hummingbird Hill Playgarden Hikes
After ten wonderful years operating Playgarden in northern California, our family relocated to beautiful Lyndeborough, NH when I took a position as Kindergarten teacher at a local Waldorf School — what an incredible opportunity to deepen my work with the kindergarten age child!
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With my continued interest in bringing “something different” for the young child, I have reopened Playgarden!
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 I am a Waldorf trained and LifeWays certified teacher.