Hummingbird Hill Playgarden


“Celebrating festivals can bring us consciously to what we all experience instinctively in our daily lives, the changing cycles of the seasons and of life itself. Through various festivals and rituals, we acknowledge and celebrate our connection to and our responsibility toward each other and the world.

– excerpted from Festivals by Marilyn Pelrme.

Throughout the year, festivals are celebrated to honor and connect us with the cycles of nature and to strengthen our community. Through the sharing of stories, food, songs and activities linked to the seasons, and expressed with joy, beauty, and reverence, the soul life of the child is affirmed and nourished, and a greater relationship to the world and each other is fostered.


Hummingbird Hill Playgarden Festivals

Hummingbird Hill Playgarden Festivals

The following festivals are celebrated yearly

Fall – Lantern walk

Winter – Winter Spiral

Mid-Winter – Candle making and Potluck

Spring – Spring Festival

Hummingbird Hill Playgarden Festivals